Curriculum Vitae

Frauke Seemann grew up in Moers, located on the Lower Rhine, near Holland. She became acquainted with the arts at an early age through working as a director's assistant for Holk Freytag at the Schlosstheater Moers. In the "Youth Film Club" she was also introduced to the "Neuer Deutscher Film".
Frauke Seemann studied ethnology and art in Berlin, and following that, studied German, art, and sports education in Flensburg, upon which she received her first state examination for teaching. Finally, she studied visual arts in Kiel, receiving a degree in painting.
Since 1992, Frauke Seemann has been living and working in Cologne, having travelled extensively in Europe, Mexico, the U.S., Belize and Guatemala.
She has also worked in a variety of fields, such as in the restaurant business, delivering newspapers, in television, in a factory, doing press relations work, as well as work for various arts organizations. Frauke Seemann has received numerous scholarships, including from the following: the Künstlerhaus Schleswig-Holstein, the Werkstatt Plettenberg and Nord-West Lotto, which also included an artist residency in New York for three months. Her works can be found in a variety of private and public collections. She has also exhibited her work on a continual basis in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, Berlin, New York and Brussels. Several of her written works have aired on the radio, and other texts and prints of visual works can be found in various publications. Since 2002 does she also work as an art and german teacher in school.
(Translation: Louisa Schaefer)

Tel. 49-(0)221-740 8871
studio: Niehler Kirchweg 124, 50733 Köln